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Services List

  • Training for 3B2/APP, InDesign

  • Training for XML and Oxygen

  • Template development for 3B2/APP

  • DTD and schema development

  • Consulting for XML migration

  • Consulting for installation of XML workflows

  • Conversion for Word and XML

  • Development of converters

  • Typesetting service

  • Translations

Our core areas

  • 1


    Specially for 3B2/APP we develop templates to allow for XML based production with this software. Furthermore, we develop templates for InDesign and stylesheets for XSL-FO.

  • 2


    We develop customer specific converters e.g. from Word to XML or from XML to ePub, Word or IDML. If necessary, we also do the conversion jobs.

  • 3


    Many years of experience in XML centerted production led us to a deep knowledge in this area. So we can offer consulting for migration to XML, XML workflows or DTD and schema development.

  • 4


    We offer trainigs for different software mainly for 3B2/APP and Oxygen. Furthermore, we train many XML based themes like XML basics, XSLT, XSL-FO etc.

Featured Services


Without strutured data i.e. without XML multi channel publishing nowadays is no longer possible. Therefore, we offer all services that cover XML based publishing.


The main advantage of XML is the possibility for lossless conversion. Therefore, we offer different solutions.


Best data is useless if not possible to publish. Therefore we offer matching solutions, too.