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OpenType fonts in 3B2

Since version 9 it is possible to use OpenType fonts with PostScript Outlines (CFF) and with TrueType Outlines, too. Unfortunately the kerning info of fonts with PostScript Outlines is not used by 3B2. The most simple solution for this problem is to convert the corresponding Type 1 font into the old 3B2 font format and load the generated kerning table into 3B2. This table can be assigned to the appropriate font.

It is not possible to convert an OpenType PostScript font into a true OpenType TrueType font by use of any font editor on the market. It is necessary to build the font from scratch. Obviously, this is not a practicable solution because this will be very expensive.

If you want to modify or expand existing fonts e.g. to add letters with eastern Europe accents, we recommend the following address:

Thoughts on eBooks

From XML data and from suitable Word templates it possible to generate eBooks fully automated with our solutions. Meanwhile some important editors use these. Only if the production process is highly automated eBooks are a profitable addition for print.

Anyway, you should consider what product is really attractive as an eBook ...

Conversion from 3B2 to Word

There is no completely reliable and universal method. Here you can find a fairly simple and easy to modify solution.

Download sample file (33k).

Entity List

The most important entities with names, descriptions and the realistic appearance as a
PDF data file (56k).

Loading text in 3B2 to cursor position

There is no need to select a frame to load text in 3B2 but you may paste a text data file in any place to the cursor position into your actual text. To implement this script, you should dispose of some experience in 3B2 system data files.

Download description and script

Searchable PDFs with 3B2 versions 5 to 7

A known problem with 3B2 up to version 7.51 is generation of PDF data files that allow searching for umlauts and other accented characters. To achieve this, the following steps have to be noted:

  • Fonts have to be converted by the font converter of the company Mai & Stühlen
  • Only screen fonts (PS_) must be used in the 3B2 document
  • On printing in data file screen fonts must not be sent with
  • The Distiller must avail of the original type-1 fonts that are used in the document but not sent with

If the PS data file is converted into a PDF by the Distiller under these circumstances umlauts may be searched for or by means of cut and paste included in other applications of Windows. Accented characters in Smart Fonts and all characters of PI fonts cannot be made searchable in this way. If you are in need of our font converter, please send your email request to