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Our objective is the efficient utilisation of state-to-the-art technology to improve and automate processes of document converting. This is generally done by using structured data based on XML. Structures are developed for our customers on demand.



Structured data can be converted into almost every desired format by our converters. We have mastered the roundtrip from Word to XML and back, just as well to generate complex eBooks directly from Word or IDML from XML.



Our solutions allow for highly automated single source production of any document. No matter if you need eBooks or complex print products we give you the complete workflow.

Our Service

Our services range consultancy of all users by development of templates or software making of ebooks and management of complex typesetting work. Beneath our own software solutions we mainly use Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (3B2), XSL-FO, InDesign and FrameMaker.


APP/3B2 New License Type

Starting from 01.01.2018 new APP/3B2 licenses can be leased in the actual version resp. version 11.1 and higher, only. All licenses purchased before 01.01.2018 remain sale licenses.

New hyphenation in APP

In APP/3B2 version 11.1 M050 a new hyphenation type = 2 was added, to allow hyphenation purely using an exception dictionary.

Docx to XML Konverter released

After more than one year of testing with several customers the final version of our converter has been released. Even the most complex input data was converted without any errors.