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L42 SatzServer

The L42 SatzServer is a modular system of software components for automation of all data flow customary in pre-print, particularly:

• Data reception

• conversion, check and validation of data

• transformation of data into the designated layout

• transmission of composed pages as PDF or layout file

Another application is fully automated producing of documents capable of being integrated into user-defined process chains from most diverse input data.

Linkage of process automation and high-capacity pre-print programs enables automatic generation of even most extensive documents keeping development expenses for layout and current adjustments extremely low.

At conversion of input data it is feasible to fit customized processes enabling to pre-structure all but user-defined data, and to optimise them for subsequent processing.

Because of the growing complexity of customer demands the SatzServer is no longer available as stand alone product but only as a cloud service of L42 AG in Berlin.