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ePub Authoring System

The basic idea of this system is that all necessary components of an demanding and complex ePub can be transported with a single Word document including meta data and images.

By use of a suitable Word template all components of the book can be delivered and fully automated converted into an ePub and a neutral XML intermediate file that can be use e.g. for print purposes.

The following components can be used and are converted into the ePub:

  • Complete metadata

  • Header levels 1-6

  • Images incl. cover

  • Tables

  • Footnotes

  • Mathematical formulae

  • Links

  • Different containers/boxes

Here you can download an ePub sample that contains all important components (only in German).

At the moment the system is available only as a service und not as a stand alone solution. The Word document has to be uploaded on an internet portal. The resulting documents are delivered via email a few minutes later.